Pink amaryllis

This blossom appeared around my birthday last year and I couldn’t resist bringing it to the canvas. Then it sat for a while, months actually un...

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Surprise Hibiscus

  A little touch of sunshine, after a cloudy moment can really  get me feeling like spring is in the air. I started this piece on a bright Janua...

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Spring is in the air

Quick paint study of snow on a bush in warm yellow, violet and pink

To feel overwhelmed or not? As the snowflakes pile up higher banking me in, the days feel brighter with the light reflecting off the snow. Right now, ...

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Snowy chaos

Painting of Dorset lake autumn colours

Painting lakeside in Dorset brought the creativity out once again with all the glorious colours from this splendid autumn. This in progress piece has ...

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Autumn a Little Longer

Wild Day AEB Artworks

As a closet artist for several years, I’ve finally made the leap into the art world to the forefront of my life. Both Fate and my new choices ha...

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New Beginnings